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For: Hoover, AL
4:45 PM Dec 22, 2017 (Sabbath Starts)
4:46 PM Dec 23, 2017 (Sabbath Ends)
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Winter 2017

Our FREE opening night introductory session is 
Monday, January 16th, at 6:45pm.

Interested participants can register after the session for the full program.

To view program details click here.

To learn more watch the video below.

The Unprecedented Results from Nedley Health on Vimeo.

For questions call 205-610-9335 or email us.
***The Community Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program is an educational program and is not designed to take the place of either your doctor or professional counselor.
This program is not licensed to, or involved in, prescribing, adjusting, or discontinuing depression medication.
Participants are encouraged to seek a medical professional should any of these medication needs arise.***