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Sunset Schedule
For: Hoover, AL
6:08 PM Oct 20, 2017 (Sabbath Starts)
6:07 PM Oct 21, 2017 (Sabbath Ends)
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Weather Update

Updated Friday January 6, at 9:45 PM

Weather forecasters are predicting a possibility of a winter storm with ice and/or snow this weekend (2017-01-07) It is unknown at this time how this will affect our area.
  • This Sabbath, January 7, 2016 our breakfast has been cancelled. Since the volunteers for breakfasts go to a lot of effort and expense for this meal we though it unwise to proceed without knowing if the weather will cooporate. 
  • Communion will be postponed to next week, January 14th. 
  • Communion Practice will also be postponed one week.
  • Pathfinders is canceled this Sabbath
  • Bowling social is canceled
  • Next week's Cuba Mission Report will be postponed till January 21. 
  • This Sabbath, January 7, we will have "SNOW CHURCH." This means that the service will be very casual for those who wish to come. If you do not feel safe coming to church please stay home and watch our live stream. Even if you are scheduled to be part of the program please only come if you feel safe traveling (If you are not planning to come but have a part in the program please call or text 205-470-3970).
  • If you live outside the Hoover area and would like to check traffic conditions along your route you can click here, or simply use google maps on your smartphone.