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For: Hoover, AL
5:40 PM Feb 23, 2018 (Sabbath Starts)
5:41 PM Feb 24, 2018 (Sabbath Ends)
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GRace Relations

Join us for this Sermon Series. 

We will explore the difficult subject of race relations from a Biblical perspective. With such an important issue, why are churches not addressing it? Well, we are. Join us. If you're in the Birmingham area we hope you'll join us for this important topic. If you're too far away, we will stream it on our youtube channel.

3520 Lorna Rd
Hoover, AL 35216


Saturdays at 10:50 AM
| Date TItle Watch Handout
| February 17, 2018 Out of Babylon
| February 24, 2018      
| March 3, 2018